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February 21, 2005
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heaven or hell? by choobkr heaven or hell? by choobkr
You decide! The women in my life can pretty much be both! lol
This started out as an inking practice which then became a painting. Thanks to the kind folks at SGComic for their C+Cs on the original wip :)
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You did an awesome job with her shorts and top that they look almost real.
ppgrainbow Jul 18, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
The design of her anatomical figure came out wonderful! The angelic wings and her hair makes her look so pretty like this! :heart:
wow, beautiful work :D
Very fine detail on her figure, did you use a reference, or is she in your mind?
Love the angel wings too, the feather effect looks sweet.
Looks like she's batting for both teams, if you dig me. :P
Most brush/ink bleeds is due to paper or ink... but yeah its mostly the paper. The paper I work on is quite thick so its quite resistent to bleeding. Mmm... smoother surfaces tend to prevent bleeding too. I dun like brush pens too much tho.... they die to quite. Suggest going to art friend and getting a good brush like the Kolinsky Raphael. It has an orange tip. I like no.2 for size. But also depends on the style too. I like brush more for the organic. For semi organic Id go with microns.... and inorganic the gtec is good for me...:P As for nibs/croquills/gpens, yeah it does seem scratchy a bit at first, but u get used to it. It shouldnt be much different from using a gtec or the mitsubishi gel pens for choo choo. Just a matter of dipping and being a bit more precise than the ur usual style. I like the tachikoma schoolpen no.5 for most of my nib use. Can get as fine as a .2 . :D
xiaobaosg Feb 21, 2005  Student General Artist
nice si~!!!
hehehe :P for some reason she looks slightly better as the thumbnail version -- probably cos the line art bleeds a bit (brush pen?)
and thanks for the fav on the valentine picture ;D
hey pup :) Yup using a zebra brush pen to ink the work. You still using the drawing pens to ink? I have been trying to experiment with inking nibs but ink flow is quite a problem for me (too used to pens lah lol) ^_^
valentines is authentic puppy work plus real watercolor some more! must fav! ha ha
Hehe I tried brushpens before but you know la, too much bleeding O_o, you know maybe try different paper, may help! :) the inking nibs I also tried before, they scratch paper surfaces and may cause even more bleeding (dooh) maybe can ask Dominic for tipsy ;P
hahaha :P thanks ar
scabrouspencil Feb 21, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
oh boy, shes a cute babe . nice work again
Thanks for the C+Cs dude :)
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